Grounding resilience in local knowledge under climate change: Livelihood strategies of urban low-income transnational households in Sri Lanka

The pilot study is conducted in partnership with the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Urban low-income migrant settlements sit at the intersection of growing socio-economic and ecological precarities with increases in felt impacts of climate change. The nature of vulnerability to such risks is increasingly captured in separate fields of climate change and migration scholarship, but rarely addresses how the two risks inter-relate in everyday life and under changing climatic conditions, or how new policy and institutional responses to climate change influence the occurrence and nature of migration. Building on two ongoing CMRD and SOAS led projects the research examines how migration and climate change risks overlap and compound vulnerability in low-income settlements, to develop the first pilot study of its kind, and establish a baseline for future research work. The study is funded by the SOAS Seedcorn Fund.

Canal inside the community