Abdhullah Azam (B.Sc., Wayamba)

Abdhullah Azam is a Masters student in Economics at the University of Colombo. He holds a B.Sc in Business Management from the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. He was a Research Assistant based at the World Bank. He has worked with the Centre for Migration Research and Development (CMRD) as a Research Assistant for projects on trapped populations and (in)visibility of urban displacement. He is a Life Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka (AATSL) and an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Professional Managers of Sri Lanka (CPMSL). Azam’s areas of interest include urban migration, infrastructure economics, poverty and macroeconomic studies.

Azam’s Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Lakshman, I. M., Alikhan, M. M., & Azam, A. (2020). Finding ’Reasons to Stay’ Amidst Issues of Well-Being: A Case Study of Two Underserved Communities in Colombo. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 16(35), 94.


  1. Lakshman, I. M., & Azam, M.N.A. (Forthcoming), "From a horizontal to a vertical lifestyle: Impact of relocation on sense of belonging", xx

Academic Conferences

  1. Jayatilaka, D., S. Alikhan, A. Azam (2018), "Early findings for Colombo: Trapped populations and unknown city", Migrants on the Margins: Final International Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa

Other publications

  1. Azam, M.N.A., (2022), "Disruption to livelihoods: Living with major power outages in Sri Lanka", Inclusive Urban Infrastructure.

  2. Lakshman, I. M., M. Alikhan, A. Azam (2019), Finding ’Reasons to Stay’ Amidst Issues of Well-Being: A Case Study of Two Undeserved Communities in Colombo, Colombo: Centre for Migration Research and Development.