Shashini Gamage (PhD, La Trobe)

Shashini Gamage is a researcher, journalist, and filmmaker, based in Australia and Sri Lanka.Her research examines gender, media, and migration, utilising ethnography, video and photographic methods. As a Research Associate, Sociology, at La Trobe University, Melbourne, she is affiliated to the Australian Research Council project ‘Ageing and New Media’, examining older Sri Lankan migrants’ use of digital and new media in Australia. She is also affiliated with the ‘Healthy Futures’ project of La Trobe University, examining the barriers and enablers for accessing healthcare in rural Australia, working with Karen refugee migrants of Myanmar. She is the recipient of an Australia Awards scholarship and conducted her PhD at La Trobe University (2012-16), producing a transnational media ethnography of Sri Lankan women’s soap opera cultures in Australia and Sri Lanka.

Her work in journalism includes producing documentaries about women, peace, and security during the civil war in Sri Lanka (2004-10). She is also the founder of Women Talk (2017), a digital archive of multimedia journalism that documents feminist activism in Sri Lanka. She is also a filmmaker and her filmography includes short fiction films Kali’s Daughter (2018) and award-winning My Family (2007), dealing with issues of domestic violence. She collaborated with the Centre for Migration Research and Development (CMRD) in producing mobility videos to document journeys of urban displacement in Sri Lanka for the project The Unknown City: the (In)visibility of Urban Displacement.

Shashini’s Publications

Journal Articles

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Academic Conferences

  1. Wilding, R, Gamage, S, Worrel, S and Baldassar, L (2020). Digital media and gendered practices of home: insights from older Sinhalese and Karen migrants in Australia. Paper presented at Gender, Migration, and Digital Networks in Asia Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore, February 20-21.

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